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The leader of China special steel ¨C We Xiongfeng Special Steel are proud to be the leading stockist in China with the huge variety of special steels represented in our product range.

Xiongfeng Special Steel serves the domestic and oversea market since 1988. Today, the company has thrived to become the leading supplier of quality special steels in China. Its market share is more than 35% in the local market, and has a vast distribution network that extends to America, Europe and Southeast Asia.
The quality and durable of its cold work mould steel, hot work mould steel and plastic mould steel match the international general superior mould steel standard. They are exactly tuned to your needs. Whether you are in what kind of industry, whatever the application, with Xiongfeng material you will always be a front-runner.

Knowing Xiongfeng brings you opportunities, choosing Xiongfeng brings you benefits.
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