Group introduction1

Xiongfeng Special Steel are proud to be the leading stockist in China with the huge variety of special steels represented in our product range.

    Xiongfeng Group is a diversified large Hong Kong-invested enterprise specializing in high-level Xiongfeng Brand special steel business and integrating real estate development, mall, restaurant and finance. In special steel, through the deep technical cooperation with major domestic steel plants, the company firstly produced a domestic die steel in place of imported die steel, enjoying a high reputation in high-level die steel industry, and playing an important leading role in the market.    
     Xiongfeng steel becomes a first-class brand, reaching more than 35% of Chinese market and is widely used by thousands of enterprises located in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Xiongfeng steel also exports to East Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Singapore, Korea, Australia etc. The quality and durable of its cold work mould steel, hot work mould steel and plastic mould steel match the international general superior mould steel standard. They are exactly tuned to your needs. Whether you are in what kind of industry, whatever the application, with Xiongfeng material you will always be a front-runner.

Knowing Xiongfeng brings you opportunities, choosing Xiongfeng brings you benefits.
    Through 20 years of development, the headquarters of Xiongfeng Special Steel Co., Ltd. respectively built four branches and two factories in Mainland China: Branches in Shunde District, Dongguan City, Kunshan City and Ningbo City; Factories including Fine-Processing Factory to offer a high intensity semi-product of mould and specific dimension requirements by the customers and Heat-treatment Factory satisfying the various heat-treatment requirements. Meanwhile,Xiongfeng company owns a professional engineer team which aim at solving technical problems for clients at time and promoting after-sales service quality to make clients trust and satifify with Xiongfeng products.

    With more than 20 years of development, Xiongfeng Group established Xiongfeng fine processing center in 2008 to provide customer specially made grind material, which made Xiongfeng fully use of the resource advantage to better serve our end customers by achieving larger margin space.
    Xiongfeng fine processing center is now equipped with various kind of saw machine, milling machine, grinding machine and high-precision double head CNC milling machines, the total number is  more than 60 sets. The processing precision and appearance quality is exceeded the level of domestic industry.
In order to meet the different demands of clients, Xiongfeng fine processing center is also equipped with middle-sized and small-sized fully automatic band saws more than 90 sets and large-sized vertical band saws are up to 50 sets. With so many saws, there are two advantage of Xiongfeng company :large stocks and fast delivery.
    Established in 1998,Xiongfeng heat treatment services center provides heat treatment of die steels, auto parts, metal parts and processing of the thermal refining. To provide a high quality heat treatment service for customer,Xiongfeng configured the most advanced vacuum furnace with 100kg to 1200kg vacuum capability and several well-type furnaces for different processing demand.

    'Xiongfeng Brand' die steel quality inspection centre equips domestic advanced level large-scale metallographic microscope XJG-05, WA-300 type electro-hydraulic universal experiment machine, JB-308 type impact toughness experiment machine and other experiment machines for purposes of researching the performance of die steel. 
    In order to build up the brand, XiongFeng Special Steel has engaged in both domestic and foreign experts to research the chemical composition, metallurgical process and heat treatment technology of die steel It has successfully applied advanced technology throughout the process. Shunde, Dongguan, Kunshan Xiongfeng Fangyuan Special Steel Co., Ltd. by China Quality Certification. 
    Outstanding research and development team has made products that achieve advance International level.
    Advance production equipment plus precise production flow by XiongFeng staff aims for one goal, to provide quality of imported steel at domestic price.
   Metallogrphic Microscope                        Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine        Impact Toughness Testing Machine

   Hardness Tester                                        Spectrum Analyzer                                Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
    We place emphasis on our product quality and adhere to quality management system standards. We monitor all incoming steel materials including flats, full plates, big blocks and processes from the inspection of raw material by checking chemical composition, hardness (HRC), metallographics, internal and surface flaws to dimensions with means of our thorough documentation which is based upon the ISO9001 standard. We essentially adopt above approaches to ensure that quality standards are maintained internally.